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WALT Support

Thank you for purchasing WALT—the Watched Animation List Tracker.


If you are encountering an issue with WALT or have questions about using the app, please contact us at support@tapas-software.net.

Incorrect Data

Although we have made efforts to ensure that the film data contained in WALT is complete and correct, sometimes inaccuracies can occur. Please report any inaccurate information found in the app to us at feedback@tapas-software.net.

Privacy Policy

The app WALT was built with personal privacy in mind. No personal data is accessed by the app and the information of which films you have watched is always stored locally on the device. WALT does not require a username and password to sign in and does not collect any personal information or analytics. Please direct any privacy issues to support@tapas-software.net.

Other Feedback

We'd love to hear your feedback about WALT. If you have other feedback about the app, please contact us at feedback@tapas-software.net.

This app and Tapas Software are not affiliated with The Walt Disney Company.